Xbox 2-Microsoft’s next big Milestone is here

By | September 18, 2018

Xbox 2,after E3 2018 we come to know that Microsoft is planing there next generation gaming console code name Scarlett and thank’s to a leek its confirm that Scarlett is a family not a single console while Xbox One X takes the crown as world most powerful console yet.

Microsoft is planing a family of devices in Scarlett rather then a single console which will be broken into different tiers,Current gen console the Xbox One X is the most powerful console yet and Microsoft is looking forward to fulfill its commitment of delivering best hardware to set the benchmark.

Xbox 2

Xbox 2 Hardware:

We can’t tell the exact details but Xbox 2 is rumored to have an X86-based processors,AMD will be developing GPU for Xbox 2,Microsoft is expected to stick with similar hardware from its previous generation console the Xbox One but Microsoft is working too boost the GPU for more efficient and faster performance with an upgraded CPU.

Xbox 2 will be backward compatible as Microsoft deliver a mid-range hardware upgrade in Xbox One X while keeping it on the same platform,If the hardware upgrade is on the way then we can assume that we will see graphical improvements such as true ”4K-Graphics”.

Xbox 2


As many Xbox One X titles fail to deliver true 4k gameplay at high frame rate and 4k is preity much becoming the gaming standard now,Xbox 2 will be packing hardware to play games in 8k at 60 Hz which is attainable under revised hdmi 2.1.

Xbox 2 will be backward compatible mean we will get a whole library of Xbox games and for sure it will be featuring new AAA titles alongside with some top rated exclusives.

Microsoft should be waiting for Sony to make there next move so they may have some competition and  Sony is working on there PS5 already and for a gamer it will be an epic battle between Xbox 2 vs PS5.

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