Xbox One Jailbreak:JTAG/RGH

What is Xbox One Jailbreak? How to Jtag Jailbreak Xbox One? What is Xbox One JTAG/RGH? How does Xbox One jailbreak works? If you want answers to these questions then make sure to bookmark this page as it is kept updated with easy and reliable solutions directly from the hacking scene. is proud to provide you Xbox One Jailbreak with complete guide and professional tools to jailbreak Xbox One for free.

Xbox One JTAG.

J-tag may be a hack that is employed to completely unlock your Xbox capabilities.Basically Xbox One Jtag may be a package hack based mostly upon associate exploitable SMC,it permits Wall hacks,bots and lots of alternative awe-inspiring options.e.g. blue avatar skin may be a common indication of Jtag.

Jtag may sound as a common hack from Xbox 360 the old generation console but let me clear out the myth,You can’t install a jailbreak in your Xbox One at the current moment like in Xbox 360 by modifying a chip in motherboard but you can install the Jtag Jailbreak Custom Operating system based on a exploit in Winodws.

Xbox One RGH.

RGH-Reset flaw Hack, Xbox One RGH is associate time based mostly attack on the CPU that glitches the chip and permit an instant for exploit to require enables you to format your Xbox and run the code that Xbox wasn’t designed for.

Overall,RGH may be a a lot of convenient technique for ‘Xbox One Jailbreak’,But Jtag boot quicker then Rgh,Rgh willtake upto five minute for one boot wherever Jtag boots up in 2sec.

Xbox One RGH is based on the Motherboard modification as in the Xbox 360 but currently in development and hackers haven’t confirmed any complete RGH Hack yet,But there is an easy way Xbox One Jtag Jailbreak based on exploit in windows(complete details are given below).


Xbox One jailbreak with usb,xbox one jtag,xbox one rgh

Jailbreak:Be a Gamer Play limitless

Xbox One Modchip:

Xbox One Modchip is a electronic device which is modified and capable to disable all the built in Xbox One restrictions.Xbox One Modchip is used to disable region coding and some risk protection protocols which enable to install third party apps such as homebrew and allow Xbox to run burned disc drive and play pirated games.

The only downside of Xbox One Modchip is you need a professional to perform this task as its a Xbox One Motherboard modification,You may not find the Xbox Modchip in your country as it is not available for purchase in stores as well as online.Don’t worry if you can’t find a Modchip is proud to provide you Xbox One Jtag USB.

There is no need of an expert and you can install Xbox One Jtag Jailbreak for free although some conditions may applied but its free easy to install and simple to operate.

Xbox One Jailbreak with USB.

Xbox One Jtag Jailbreak is system software hack based on a exploit in Xbox One Windows operating system.This type of hack is most reliable and stable when it comes to performance.Jtag Jailbreak have some major advantages over original operating system by being so reliable and unique unlocked features with customization ability at top.

You can jailbreak your Xbox with this guide and enjoy or you can buy a Jailbroken Xbox online,although a Jailbroken Xbox will cost you too much so I highly recommend you to buy a normal working Xbox One used or new and install a Jtag Jailbreak with the help of a USB drive and a computer with internet connection to avoid all these extra expense.


You can reverse this Custom System software at any moment you want without any difficulties at all,If the Jailbroken Xbox One experience is not so good as you expect then there is nothing to worry about,If you wanna step back to original Xbox One operating system then you can install it by reinstalling the console system software which will consume your max 10-15 minutes.

Xbox One Jtag Jailbreak Compatibility.

Xbox One Original -15XX

Xbox One S -16XX

Xbox One X -17XX

Xbox One Jailbreak Features:

  • You can play games directly from HDD by installing them by Blu-ray Disc or external HDD.
  • Backward compatibility for vast collection of Xbox 360 games library.
  • Play all games for free and download all DLC-s for games free.
  • You can backup games and install games mods.
  • You can install all third party application for free.
  • You will get all the developer and administrative right of your Xbox One.
  • Xbox One Jailbreak Games.

Xbox One Jailbreak Games:

Xbox One Games are fully compatible with the Jailbreak firmware for Xbox One and every game that has been released for Xbox One is playable on a Jailbroken Xbox One as well as available for download in ISO and PKG install formats.Xbox One Jailbreak Games work same as on original Microsoft Xbox firmware and unlike old Hacks you don’t face any trouble while playing online.Xbox One Jailbreak JTAG provide smooth gaming experience in online as well as in offline play.

Xbox One Jailbreak Download:

Xbox One Jtag Jailbreak v2.x is available to download but follow instructions strictly.

Xbox One jailbreak with usb,xbox one jtag,xbox one rgh

Note:Complete guide and professional tools are available to download but read full article before applying any method.

Follow Instructions to avoid any loss.


  1. Note:There is no need to open your Xbox.
  2. 32Gb DDR-3 USB flash drive required.(FAT32 Format)
  3. This Jailbreak is compatible all version of Xbox one and there operating systems.

Step by step guide:Xbox One Jailbreak.

  • Download Xbox One Jtag Jailbreak.
  • Once all the required files and tools downloaded follow next steps.
  • Extract the file and you will see three files extracted”XBXONEPATCH.DAT”, “XBXONE_SEN.PUP”, “XBXONE_ROOT.PKG”.
  • Plug the USB stick into your computer.
  • Change USB format to FAT32.
  • Create a Root folder in USB stick called “XBOXONE” then create another folder “UPDATE” in it.
  • Copy the three files we extracted earlier into the UPDATE folder.
  • Now plug the USB stick into your Xbox One.
  • Go to System Settings and select update.
  • Select update vie external storage.
  • Accept all conditions and proceed the system software update.
  • After the installation your Xbox will turn off.
  • Turn it on by console power button.
  • Enjoy it as you Jailbroken your Xbox One.

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