Xbox 2 vs PS5

By | September 15, 2018

Xbox 2 vs PS5!We all know that Microsoft and Sony are working on there next-generation consoles Xbox 2 and PS5(Playstation 5).After E3 2018 we know that Microsoft is working on there next gen console code-name of Scarlett,Thanks to a leaked report we don’t know for sure if it’s a single console or Microsoft is planing for whole family of them.

Xbox Two vs PS5


Microsoft Xbox 2 vs PS5 (Sony Playstation 5).

As for now there is no exact release date but some predictions are made possible tat we will see next gen consoles in 2020 or 2021,May be Microsoft is waiting for Sony to put some competition in market for next gen consoles so Microsoft can put then Next gen console or Xbox 2 head to head with PS5.

As for now in the gaming landscape, VR(Virtual Reality Headset) is a huge deal for the next gen consoles making there way to gamier’s room.

Right now,gamers are wondering about next generation gaming console,what hardware they pack?Games coming to next console?Who will have upper hand Sony or Microsoft?when the epic battle Xbox 2 vs PS5 will begun?as for now lets take a look on what can happen and why?

Currently Xbox One X is the most powerful gaming that ever made with The 8-core AMD custom CPU clocked at 2.3 GHZ and 12GB-DDR5 of graphic memory with 6 teraflop GPU,Xbox One X is 40% more powerful then any other console and deliver true immersive 4k gaming experience.So we can expect a console which will be more powerful then Xbox One X in the future as next gen console Xbox 2 from Microsoft.

Xbox Two vs PS5


As for now PS4 is holding the Best AAA Exclusive titles such as Spider Man, God of War 4,Uncharted,Drive Club, you can purchase these titles online with PSN Gift Card(Free PSN Codes) or buy them physically.Card and how can we forget the Playstion Virtual Reality headset.Playstation holds the largest library of games.


Xbox Two vs PS5

What changes we will se in next generation consoles?

we can’t tell it exactly but we have seen generation upgrades in Xbox 360 to Xbox One and PS3 to PS4,in previous generation we have seen upgrade of hardware majorly enhanced graphics from 720p HD to native 1080p full hd and HDR(High Dynamic Range)and better gameplay experience with lots of new triple AAA new gen gaming titles.

We can expect such changes in upcoming new gen gaming consoles from Microsoft and Sony in Xbox 2 and Ps5.Microsoft is giving a tough competition to Sony in hardware comparison,although Sony still got an upper hand in gaming library.

Xbox 2 and PS5 will be enhanced with true 4k power for sure,even some possible predictions are that PS5 and Xbox 2 will be packed with 8k graphics cause current gen consoles Xbox One X offers true 4k and PS4 Pro render 1080p into 4k,it is possible to see next gen console on the highest heights of gaming performance.

As far as games concern both consoles have exclusives AAA Exclusive titles and a huge library of third party games.Currently there are just prediction about upcoming gaming console we can just iamgine there beast gaming performance and hope for them to get true,but unless then there is nothing exact about ‘Xbox 2 vs PS5′.

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