PS4 Jailbreak 2018:CFW/Homebrew

By | October 6, 2018

PS4 Jailbreak 2018:I already covered how to Jailbreak your PS4 in a full article “PS4 Jailbreak:PS4 CFW/Homebrew” but today we will discuss current status of PS4 Jailbreak in 2018 and the future of jailbreaking PS4.Which firmware can you jailbreak?Is it worth Jailbreaking?what are the advantages and disadvantages of installing a custom firmware?

2018 is the year of PS4 jailbreak as many PS4 exploits gone public in 2018,You can install a custom firmware CFW in your PS4 to backup games from HDD which means you don’t have to insert DVD Disc every time you want to play a game,but you can get banned by installing CFW or can damage your console and you can’t access PSN store nor PS plus service.You can jailbreak your PS4 if its running PS4 firmware 5.55 or below but Sony has released PS4 firmware update 6.00 which is a necessary install if you want to play online.

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PS4 Jailbreak 2018

Jailbreak availability.

If your PS4 is still running firmware 5.55 or below you are lucky enough to jailbreak you PS4 and here is the full guide to jailbreak you ps4 “PS4 Jailbreak:PS4 CFW/Homebrew” make sure to check this out if you really wanna enjoy a jailbreak.Jailbreaking PS4 isn’t very difficult process just make sure to follow the guide carefully.

In 2018 we saw many AAA titles games coming out for PS4 and some of them are not playable while on jailbroken PS4 which is a serious disadvantage of installing a custom firmware,then what are the real benefits of installing CFW if we can’t even play new games releasing for PS4,here is the answer to that if you jailbreak your PS4 you can install Game Mods and enable cheats and PS4 can play PS2 games with a backward compatibility feature,you can run PS4 homebrew application and freestore where you can download free game passes and Dlc’s.
PS4 jailbreak 2018

PS4 Jailbreak 2018


Free PS4 games iso are available to download from PS4 Jailbreak Games PKG,you can download an iso files and install them by USB flash drive by following the guide.Currently the list is not that big or awesome but we are working to upload every new titles as it become compatible to run in a exploit.
If you are on firmware 5.55 or below you can jailbreak your PS4 now but if you are on firmware 6.00 or above don’t update your firmware and wait for compatible jailbreak.

PS4 games are too much expensive and not everyone can afford them,for those who are looking for an escape from buying expensive games jailbreak is a perfect way,everyone want free stuff such as Free PSN Codes,Free PS4 games,Free game passes and Dlc’s.but if you want to enjoy every aspect of PS4 then you might consider staying on original PS4 firmware.We can say that 2018 wasn’t a jailbreak success year for PS4 but we have various improvements and we hope to get a full jailbreak for PS4 in future.

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