PS4 Downgrade,is it Possible?

By | October 6, 2018

PS4 Downgrade:Sony have released a new Firmware update 6.00 for PS4,with every update user experience is getting better and we have some major improvements but the question is can we downgrade PS4 firmware?first why this question is asked because firmware updates are so good that they give a fresh touch to user experience and improve performance in games and running other applications.

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PS4 Downgrade:

Lets have a look at the background of this question,this is mainly asked by newbies because PS3 and PS4 players are well aware that downgrading the Playstation firmware to its older version is not possible,Newbies ask this question because they can’t get there hands on a PS4 which is running a Jailbreak compatible firmware and they want to downgrade there PS4 firmware so they can Jailbreak it.

If you really want to downgrade your PS4 firmware to Jailbreak you PS4 and miss out all the latest and reliable new firmware features then here is the guide to jailbreak you PS4 “PS4 Jailbreak:PS4 CFW/Homebrew“.Jailbreaking your PS4 will give you some great advantages such as playing games from HDD,running Homebrew,Game Mods and Cheats but keep in mind that you can get banned and Sony hates jailbreak.

PS4 Downgrade


PS4 Downgrade


If your PS4 is running firmware 5.55 or below you can install a custom firmware CFW but if your PS4 is running Firmware version 6.00 or above then we highly recommend to stay on your current firmware and wait to get a compatible Jailbreak.

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If you are looking for a way to escape from purchasing expensive games then you can check out Free PSN Codes,PS4 downgrade is not worth it because you’ll miss all the new firmware features and may damage your console so in my opinion consider staying on your original PS4 firmware until it gets a compatible Jailbreak.

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