PS3 CFW 4.82-is it worth jailbreaking?

By | October 4, 2018

PS3 CFW such as newly released PS3 CFW 4.82 enables your console to play pirated games and allow you to mod games and play MKV files but is it worth jailbreaking your PS3?Today we will discuss some major advantages and disadvantages of installing a Custom Firmware(CFW) in your PS3.Playing free games and enjoying options to explore more is awesome but on the other hand there are some major disadvantages of installing a CFW and Jailbreaking your PS3 so we decided to cover it in a full article.

If you have this question “How do i Jailbreak a PS3?”,then don’t worry,Here is the full guide to Jailbreak your PS3″PS3 Jailbreak Guide”

ps3 cfw 4.82


PS3 CFW 4.82-Pros/Advantages:

  • Play games from Hard drive no need of buying Expensive Dvd’s.
  • PLay Pirated games in your PS3.
  • Support various vedio formats such as MKV.
  • Backup your games.
  • Enable Cheats and Mods in games.
  • Get full administrative and developer controlls on your PS3.

Installing games from USB flash drives’s and playing from hdd is a great features so we don’t have to insert a disk every time we need to play a game and also its free to download an ISO game file.You have some additional features such as playing MKV formats or playing game Mod’s and cheats are great.Jailbreak PS3.

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PS3 CFW 4.82-Cons/Disadvantages:

  • Your PS3 warranty will be voided as soon as you install custom firmware.
  • There are some chances of getting banned by Sony.
  • You can’t play online.
  • You can’t acess PSN online store.
  • PS plus service is only available in original firmware.
  • There is no online cloud storage facilty in PS3 CFW.
  • Stuck on Old Firmware and may miss some good features.
  • Sony hates Jailbreak and its illegal.

Installing a CFW definitely have some disadvantages which will effect you gaming experience,your PS3 warranty will be voided as well as you can get banned and you can’t play online or use cloud storage service.PSN Cloud storage is a PS plus service which allow users to save there progress/data to one system and continue to another one later but it is limited to 10 Gb.

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PS plus is limited to the original firmware,In conclusion I would say that if you don’t care about PSN store or PS plus services such as playing online then you can go with jailbreak but if you’r a solo player then staying on original firmware is best as PS3 games are much cheaper in 2018 then in past.

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