Sony Playstation 5-PS5

By | September 18, 2018

Sony Playstation 5-PS5 is the next generation upcoming gaming consoles from Sony after the E3 2018 we know that Microsoft is working on there next generation gaming console’s code name Scarllet,Sony is probably working on there next gen console to give Microsoft some competition.

Gaming industry is gaining more competition since the Sony’s PS2 lauch. Sony’s next console is in top discussion’s but we don’t know any exact information about Sony PS5 because the exact details are shifting like sand of time.

Sony Playstation 5-PS5


In recent interviews AMD confirms that they are making the secret sauce for both Microsoft and Sony for there upcoming next-gen gaming consoles the Xbox 2 and PS5 and they are working to deliver there best.

Expected release date for Sony PS5 is 2020 but we can see it happening sooner or later,Jaz Corden says that the company is plotting a big infrastructure/platform update in order to help maintain the lead over Xbox into the next generation,it may be a while before we see that update because PS5 is rumored to release in earlier 2020.

Sony Playstation5-PS5


As for specs and hardware section Sony isn’t announced anything yet but Sony has announced there plans and projects for future.Do checkout  Xbox 2 vs PS5.

PS Plus membership plays very important key role in Sony upcoming gaming console,Sony is building a big infrastructure platform to gain the lead over Xbox and company is focusing on cross-play gaming experience majorly.

When the PS4 first launched back in 2014 it was available for 399$ and £349,Sony burned there fans by launching  PS3 for really expensive price tag of 499$ and £425,and now the PS4 pro is becoming the default model as well for    399$.

We can suspect that Sony will launch there next Playstation for £399 and 499$.

Sony’s upcoming next generation gaming console PS5 will face tough competition against Microsoft Xbox 2 (Scarllet) for a gamer it will be an epic battle Xbox 2 vs PS5.

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