How to Mod PS4 games with USB

By | September 28, 2018

How to Mod PS4 games with USB!What are mods?Mod is derived from word modifying,its an act of modifying games,reasons to mode games are to add more levels,objects,animations,characters and sometime a stand-alone story line with the main story line of game.

Games are modded by players or fans known as modder.Mods may range from a small tweak to complete overhauls and they maximize the game-play features.

How to mod PS4 games with USB

Jailbreak:Be a Gamer Play limitless

Mods are available for pc games cause on pc anyone can edit the game to make his dream come true and share his work with other fellows.But on gaming consoles like PS4/Xbox there is not a great collection available for mods,you can jailbreak your console to run PS4 Homebrew which will allow you to mod your games by downloading it separately and installing it via USB.

Mods of some most popular games like GTA-V and Call of Duty WW2 and Fortnite will allow you to access all unlockables,levels,characters and Battle Passes.By running PS4 Homebrew you can install full games and there dlc-s also for free.

As it sound’s everyone loves mods but as i said earlier its not that easy to get your hands on modded games if you are a console gamer,don’t worry you are on the right page and i’ll tell you how to mod games on your console step by step.

How to Mod PS4 games with USB?

To mod PS4 games first you have to jailbreak your PS4 and don’t worry about it,Just follow Jailbreak PS4.first jailbreak your console and by jaillbreaking i mean install a custom firmware CFW in your console which will give you full administrative and developer rights over your console.Jailbreak PS4 check it out and follow simple steps to safely jailbreak your console.

Once you have jailbrocken your console you will be able to run PS4 Homebrew,you can download games from PS4 Jailbreak Games PKG (download games without jailbreak Get Free PSN Codes),free game-pass and All Dlc-s.It enables backward compatibility to run PS2 games on PS4 Homebrew,In some cases you can get banned by going online.

Download games mods from the wide collection of best ever games like GTA-V,COD and Fortnite,install them in USB flash drive (64 Gb free space) by following step by step method guide and then plug it into PS4 and run Homebrew.

Note:follow full guide to jailbreak PS4 safely.

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