2Xtreme On Playstation One in 2018

By | October 3, 2018

2Xtreme On Playstation One in 2018:We are in the era of modern gaming with a wide collection of AAA title games which supports FHD,HDR and some of them supports 4k which is pretty much becoming the standard of gaming but back in 90’s Games are coming out with great hype for Plastaytion One(PS1),Here’s the review of 2Xtreme a Classic’s Hit.



Back in 1996 Sony has developed a racing game 2Xtreme for there first home console the Playstation One(PS1) a sequel to ESPN Extreme Games but this time Sony dose not bear ESPN license.
In 2Xtreme players compete on 12 track with different vehicles.Points are awarded for performing different tricks and actions and passing through special points,players can knocked down each other in races and health indicates how easily a player can be knocked out.

In 2Xtreme Players compete with each other in Rollerblading,biking,snowboarding and skateboarding,player can choose to race with computer character or turn off fighting.
Players can choose a normal race or Exhibition race or a season which involves 12 tracks and player position is based on his/her score in each track,this score is mainly based on the finishes in and position in the race,Points for performing tricks and actions or passing through gate are then added to total score.

2Xtreme Multiplayer CO-OP Mode

Back in 1996 there is no Online multiplayer mode instead Split screen Co-Op multiplayer is really fun to play with friends and family.On split screen mode both for Exhibitions and Seasons there is a split in screen horizontally and both players start at the back of race,honestly Co-Op mode on 2Xtreme is not that good because this makes it harder to see objects and obstacles coming in your path.



2Xtreme Verdict

Overall game is not that good,its menu for saving your data is worst because it will take a while to tell you that you can save your progress or not while playing that painful music in background,Graphics are just average back in 1996,2Xtreme scores 6.5 out of 10.

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