Mortal Kombat X Highly Compressed Pc 500Mb Download Full Version

By | December 31, 2018

Mortal Kombat X Highly Compressed Pc 500Mb Download Full Version: is a fighting video game which is mainly developed by Nether Realm Studios and published under the banner of Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. It’s the tenth major installment in Mortal Combat Video Series. Mortal Combat X is a sequel to 2011’s Mortal Combat Video Game. This game was released worldwide in April 2015. The amazing thing of Mortal Combat Video game series is that they are available in almost all platforms i.e. Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox etc.

The whole Game-play of Mortal Combat X consists of two players. It includes the Computer having Artificial Intelligence (AI) fighting with your Fighter. You can choose any character you want. Mortal Combat X features a large variety of fighting moves specified to each character. Mortal Combat X contains several modes i.e. story mode, Several ‘Tower’ modes, which features dynamically changing challenges, Many Unique online modes and the ‘Krypt’ Mode. This mode played in a first-person perspective where you can explore the areas unlocking a variety of in-game items.


⇒Mortal Kombat X Highly Compressed Pc 500Mb Download Full Version⇐

As Mortal Combat X is very different from the previous games of Mortal Combat series. The developer of this game makes some major changes in it. But some realistic features of previous games i.e. 2011’s Mortal Combat are also included in this game. New story elements are added in the game to increase the story of Mortal Combat X. Now you got a larger story to complete. Some Extra modes are also added in Mortal Combat X to increase the excitement of the gamers. Mortal Combat X got a very large roster containing the players from all previous games of Mortal Combat.


Mortal Combat X Game-play is refreshed and now focuses on one vs one battle. There two new mechanisms introduced in Mortal Combat X. These include the “Rage Art” and “Power Crush“. These two features are also a part of Tekken Video Game Series. As, Rage Art allows you to attack, while your enemy is on critical health and damage his health 40% by performing Critical attacks. In short, The normal attack power is increased in Mortal Combat X. It also features a “Hack and slash” mode focused on specific fighters.

As Mortal Combat X received positive reviews from reviewers. They praised its game-play, stunning graphics, arena design, stunts, and Character design etc. Moreover, Mortal Combat X also features the Downloadable Content to download new marvelous and amazing modes. You can also play the Multiplayer Mode in Mortal Combat X by connecting two different controllers or play it on the internet. Mortal Combat X features a new multiplayer mode containing a lot of extra elements to take to game experience to upper level.

Mortal Combat X offers more big stages and arenas to the fighters. Moreover, the walls and floors can be broken, when they are being hit by the stunning fighters. The Character Customization feature is also enhanced in Mortal Combat X. Mortal Combat X features a new system known as “Power Crush”. This amazing feature allows your Fighter to keep attacking their enemy while getting hit, although getting hit by enemy fighter will damage your health accordingly. This game has its traditional Mortal Combat arcade version. In this arcade version, your player can fight in marvelous different stages to reach the fixed final stage and to proceed to the fixed ending.


⇒Mortal Kombat X Highly Compressed Pc 500Mb Download Full Version⇐

Mortal Combat X has an online mode in which players can play as a co-op or against each other. As, Online mode fight matches can also be interrupted If a player joins the arcade mode in the game. Moreover, You can also modify the characters available in the game and can train them in practice mode to gain more experience as well as collect some awesome game rewards.

Top Features Of Mortal Kombat X Highly Compressed Pc 500Mb Download Full Version:

Creativity and destruction are massively improved in Mortal Combat X. For Example, the large structures like walls and grounds provide a variety of ways to be smashed. Mortal Combat X contains lots of improvements as compared to its predecessor’s games. There are mainly large areas associated with the fighting stages or arenas. Now the Character customization Mode has also been improved in Mortal Combat X. There has been an addition of a new Rage system by which the opponent fighter will get more injuries. When your fighter will hit your enemy fighter at a certain point of health. A reddish energy aura will cover up the Character and the energy bar will turn completely turns into the Red Color.

Then there is another feature included in Mortal Combat X, which is a “Bound System”. This feature allows your player to hit the opponent player very hard, and once the opponent player got hit. He will go into the stunned state and your fighter will get some time to hit your opponent fighter with additional kicks or punches. The graphics of Mortal Combat X is quite stunning. Mortal Combat X has also a physical engine called “Octave Engine” which will allow the water to behave as it should.


The Major and Stunning features of “Mortal Kombat X Highly Compressed Pc 500Mb Download Full Version”:

⇒ Mortal Combat X brings the true feel of action and adventure.

⇒ It contains Large arenas for fighters as compared to its predecessor.

⇒ Character customization mode is also improved in Mortal Combat X.

⇒ It features a new Rage system.

⇒ This game takes place after the events of 2011’s Mortal Combat.

⇒ This game is Different from previous games of Mortal Combat Series.

⇒ Now, Experience Awesome, Unique and improved Story-line in Mortal Combat X.

⇒ Now fight with the brutal and unique enemy with new and stunning moves.

⇒ New Bound system is also added in this game.

⇒ Be a part of the hand to hand realistic gamble fights of Mortal Combat X.

⇒ You will have to plan according to beat your fancy opponent fighters in order to win the game.

⇒ Mortal Combat X contains scintillating visuals and three-dimensional detailed realistic sounds.

⇒ Mortal Combat X features detailed graphics containing high-quality textures.

⇒ Now experience the most amazing realistic, Unique and detailed moves in Mortal Combat X.


Minimum Requirement’s to Run Mortal Kombat X Highly Compressed Pc 500Mb Download Full Version:

CPU: True Intel Core i5
OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64 or 32-Bit)
VIDEO CARD: Nvidia Geforce 8600 512 Mb RAM, or AMD equivalent (Radeon HD 4650)
SOUND CARD: Directx Compatible
FREE DISK SPACE: 40 GB (After the Complete Installation of this game)

Recommended Requirement’s to Run Mortal Kombat X Highly Compressed Pc 500Mb Download Full Version:

CPU: Intel Core i7 3.0 GHz
OS: Windows Vista,7,8,8.1,10 64/32-Bit
VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 520 Ti 2Gb ddr3
SOUND CARD: Direct X Compatible
FREE DISK SPACE: 40 GB (After the Complete Installation of this game)

Download Mortal Kombat X Highly Compressed Pc 500Mb Download Full Version:

Click on the below Download button and wait for few seconds then click on “Get Link” and your download will be started. As it is highly compressed and it will take some time to unpack and Install full setup and play the game.

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