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PS4 Downgrade,is it Possible?

PS4 Downgrade:Sony have released a new Firmware update 6.00 for PS4,with every update user experience is getting better and we have some major improvements but the question is can we downgrade PS4 firmware?first why this question is asked because firmware updates are so good that they give a fresh touch to user experience and improve… Read More »

PS4 Jailbreak 2018:CFW/Homebrew

PS4 Jailbreak 2018:I already covered how to Jailbreak your PS4 in a full article “PS4 Jailbreak:PS4 CFW/Homebrew” but today we will discuss current status of PS4 Jailbreak in 2018 and the future of jailbreaking PS4.Which firmware can you jailbreak?Is it worth Jailbreaking?what are the advantages and disadvantages of installing a custom firmware? 2018 is the… Read More »

PS3 CFW 4.82-is it worth jailbreaking?

PS3 CFW such as newly released PS3 CFW 4.82 enables your console to play pirated games and allow you to mod games and play MKV files but is it worth jailbreaking your PS3?Today we will discuss some major advantages and disadvantages of installing a Custom Firmware(CFW) in your PS3.Playing free games and enjoying options to… Read More »

2Xtreme On Playstation One in 2018

2Xtreme On Playstation One in 2018:We are in the era of modern gaming with a wide collection of AAA title games which supports FHD,HDR and some of them supports 4k which is pretty much becoming the standard of gaming but back in 90’s Games are coming out with great hype for Plastaytion One(PS1),Here’s the review… Read More »

How to Get Fortnite Battle Royale Free for PS4

How to Get Fortnite Battle Royale Free for PS4:Fortnite Battle Royale is the best so far battle royale genre game which sets itself apart by outstanding graphics,simulations,shooting style,and the Free-form building system that’s unlike anything else we ever seen in a bttle royale game.Upto 100 players can start match in a constantly shrinking map where… Read More »

How to Mod PS4 games with USB

How to Mod PS4 games with USB!What are mods?Mod is derived from word modifying,its an act of modifying games,reasons to mode games are to add more levels,objects,animations,characters and sometime a stand-alone story line with the main story line of game. Games are modded by players or fans known as modder.Mods may range from a small… Read More »

Sony Playstation 5-PS5

Sony Playstation 5-PS5 is the next generation upcoming gaming consoles from Sony after the E3 2018 we know that Microsoft is working on there next generation gaming console’s code name Scarllet,Sony is probably working on there next gen console to give Microsoft some competition. Gaming industry is gaining more competition since the Sony’s PS2 lauch.… Read More »

PSN Codes Free:100% working 2018

PSN Codes Free!You may heard this line a lot of time but got scammed!Every one loves free stuff specially when it comes to gamer’s,we are always in search of free games and gaming stuff like online subscription to enhanced gaming experience with decorating the savings jar and placing money in it.Who dose’t like getting good… Read More »