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How to Mod PS4 games with USB

How to Mod PS4 games with USB!What are mods?Mod is derived from word modifying,its an act of modifying games,reasons to mode games are to add more levels,objects,animations,characters and sometime a stand-alone story line with the main story line of game. Games are modded by players or fans known as modder.Mods may range from a small… Read More »

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 6:Update 6.0 finally!

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 6:Got an update patch 6.0 which means there is new stuff in game now,We got a Battle Pass which delivers 100 levels and 100 rewards,its available for 950 bucks and as always you can chose to stick with free one but you can’t get all for free that’s why some challenges… Read More »

Xbox 2-Microsoft’s next big Milestone is here

Xbox 2,after E3 2018 we come to know that Microsoft is planing there next generation gaming console code name Scarlett and thank’s to a leek its confirm that Scarlett is a family not a single console while Xbox One X takes the crown as world most powerful console yet. Microsoft is planing a family of… Read More »

Sony Playstation 5-PS5

Sony Playstation 5-PS5 is the next generation upcoming gaming consoles from Sony after the E3 2018 we know that Microsoft is working on there next generation gaming console’s code name Scarllet,Sony is probably working on there next gen console to give Microsoft some competition. Gaming industry is gaining more competition since the Sony’s PS2 lauch.… Read More »

Xbox 2 vs PS5

Xbox 2 vs PS5!We all know that Microsoft and Sony are working on there next-generation consoles Xbox 2 and PS5(Playstation 5).After E3 2018 we know that Microsoft is working on there next gen console code-name of Scarlett,Thanks to a leaked report we don’t know for sure if it’s a single console or Microsoft is planing for… Read More »

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Ric Flair: WWE Hall of Fame Superstar got married for the 5th time

WWE Hall of Fame Superstar Ric Flair got married for the 5th time!16-time World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair married former WCW manager Wendy Barlow,wedding ceremony held in Florida. Ric Flair share photos of ceremony on his Twitter. The 69-year old Natural boy walked down the aisle on his entrance theme. Ric Flair said’I married the… Read More »

PSN Codes Free:100% working 2018

PSN Codes Free!You may heard this line a lot of time but got scammed!Every one loves free stuff specially when it comes to gamer’s,we are always in search of free games and gaming stuff like online subscription to enhanced gaming experience with decorating the savings jar and placing money in it.Who dose’t like getting good… Read More »